NEW CREATION! Flatland of limping muscles

Sierpień 15, 2019
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drawing by: Sasza Prowaliński, photo by me


„Flatland of limping muscles” will have its premiere on 24th of November in Łaźni Nowa.



Below the lovely team I’m working with! The best team ever!

Performers: Aleksandra Osowicz, Magdalena Fejdasz, Katarzyna Sikora

Dramaturgy and texts: Anka Herbut (in a collaboration with Renata Piotrowska-Auffret)

Music: Marcin Janus

Costumes: Maja Skrzypek

Light: Aleksandr Prowaliński

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touring dates for Gold in a season 2019/2020 (some more will be coming!)

Lipiec 29, 2019
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The pure gold is seeping out of me on tour

21.10.2019 – Dance Art Center, Warsaw, Poland;

9.11.2019 – Festival NORMA,
Ostrava, Czech Republic;

12.11.2019 – Festival Culturescapes, Dornach, Switzerland;

28-30.11.2019 – Museum Susch, Zernez, Switzerland,

19-20.02.2020 – Bora Bora Dans & Visuelt Teater, Aarhus,

19-22.03.2020 – Baazar Festival, Prague, Czech Republic,

1-3.04.2020 – Dance Limerick, Ireland,

11-14.05.2020 – Off Europa Festival, Leipzig, Germany

Winter 2021 – Sadler’s Wells, London, Great Britain


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„The pure gold is seeping out of me” on Spring Forward Festival!

Kwiecień 15, 2019
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So, we were there! Gold at Spring Forward!

It was very touching, some of beautiful talks after the show. Some invitations to present the work. Apparently the show rised up controversies and I’m extrimely happy about that! As I heard, it was because of the subject but also the way I’m staging and choreographing it. Interesting… :). The discussions are great. Yes, my work is very different from what is mostly proposed in Aerowaves. Because of that I’m even double happy that it was choosen for Aerowaves! Let’s make revolutions everyday!

List of touring dates is being prepered now :)!

here is an interview with me just after the show:

here two short critical texts:



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Premiere of „The pure gold is seeping out of me”!

Grudzień 3, 2017
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So, here we are, few days before the premiere on MAAT Festival in Lublin and then in Nowy Theatre in Warsaw!

It feels so important to me, to bring all those different female experiences around the subject of politics of reproduction on the stage! To make them public. I feel very greatfull for that.

photos: Aleksandra Osowicz


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