Online workshop: Practices of Touch in a Time of Plague

Theatre Institute, Warsaw / PL / 29th of June & 2nd of July 2020

During the workshop, Renata Piotrowska-Auffret will propose performative and movement practices of touch, closeness and needs of the body. During the time of pandemia, the touch became a threat. In the same time due to isolation, it became also an unobtainable desire or a way for self-care, self-realization. This situation opens space for new experiments and questions arond the notions of practising, performing and choreographing touch. 

How a practice of touch can became a practice of resistance? How to activate body to move through the touch in an online situation? How the relation between movement and words is changing in the frame of online workshop? What is a virtual performative and choreographic potential of touch?

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